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असार २९, २०८१ शनिबार
July 13, 2024
राजनीति बिचार अन्तरबार्ता स्वास्थ्य शिक्षा अर्थ/बजार खेलकुद अन्तराष्ट्रिय

EC is serious on ensuring voting rights for Nepalis living abroad: CEC Thapaliya

२०८१ असार १४, शुक्रबार
शेयर गर्नुहोस:
फन्ट परिवर्तन गर्नुहोस:

Kathmandu, June 28: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya has said that intensive discussions are necessary between the political parties and the sides concerned on the issue of participation of the Nepali voters abroad in the election process.

Addressing a programme organized by the Election Commission and the International Organisation for Migration here today, the Chief Election Commissioner insisted that the topic of not depriving of voting right the Nepali citizen living in a place other than where he/she is enlisted in the voter list and those who are enlisted in the voter list but living abroad is an matter of global concern.

He stressed on the need of making legal and managerial arrangements on the basis of the existing constitutional system and of international and legal practices as well.

Secretary of the Election Commission, Rabi Lal Pantha said that migration is a citizen’s right as well as in some cases a necessity, reiterating that the Commission was serious on the issue of not depriving the Nepalis living abroad of their voting rights.

According to him, it was found in the last election that the voter turnout in several districts and constituencies was less than 50 percent, which is probably due to the problem of outmigration.
The programme will come up with suggestions and recommendations following deliberations among related experts, representatives of various political parties and the stakeholders.

The Election Commission and the government have been taking initiatives for implementing the Supreme Court’s order directing to make legal arrangements allowing the Nepalis living abroad to cast their votes in the election. The Supreme Court had, in March 2018, issued such order in the name of the Election Commission and the government. (RSS)

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